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Cara Menyajikan Pantun Pendidikan Terbaru Sukses - Succumbing sometimes necessary. But what if the child has pantun pendidikan always been so fond of the conqueror for peace? Come, see a psychologist said. "Too succumbing to all things, I say that a child is permissive. If you're always taught children to budge, immediately give something to people who want it is also not good," said child psychologist, Maya Raviando, in a conversation with detikHealth some time ago in the region Balai Kartini, Jl Gatot Subroto, Jakarta.

Maya pointed out if the child is in a situation plays a certain toys, such as toy cars, then came his friend who asked for cars, do not teach to necessarily give the toy to his friend. Should teach children bersikap.Tanamkan Confidence and Respect Others, Effort Avoid Kids from Bullying

"If all that was asked of others granted, will hurt yourself. It was not good. Should Arm communication skills in children, for example by saying 'game turns yes, I used the new play you later," said the long-haired woman ini.Kemampuan good communication is something grown and familiarized. So that the child will get used to explain anything, including negotiating.

Kids, it took a real example of the parents. So debriefing good communication can also be accomplished by providing a good example. "This includes teaching how to empathize and not selfish. So there is a child who likes to seize got someone else, well, parents need to be taught how to share too.